You judge in accordance with your hardware (equipment) and as you.

It is difficult to free oneself from the limitations of the intellect, and to comprehend and absorb truths. When one considers this issue not from the level of human cognition but beholds it with the eye of “Hakk” (Reality/Truth), he can comprehend the meaning of this divine address (appeal): “Do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy, for Allah certainly forgives all sins” and the surah Az-Zumer, verse 53.

        You judge in accordance with your hardware (equipment) and as you.

        The person who passes judgment should be very careful since he in fact condemns himself with his judgment. If the person who passes judgment only knew and saw that he closed many doors to himself and blocked mercy, he would never have been inclined in that direction. However, it is true that a person’s point of view and perspective is based on his knowledge (ilim). This being the case, let our prayer be: “O my Rabb (Lord)! advance me in knowledge!” inşâAllah (Allah’s willing).

               Allah () knows best.

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