Whatever happens to the servant comes from his own truth!

The situations you are dealing with, things that happen to you, difficulties, blessings, good things and bad things, beauties and ugliness … are either tests (challenges) or  retribution for your former deeds,  or they are signs of divine beneficence.

And the source of these is either grace (Allah Almighty favors and shows grace to his chosen servants) or suffering. (Allah Almighty gives his servant many worldly blessings, yet the servant goes astray. And his punishment in afterlife is increased because the source of what was given to him was suffering).

No matter what kind of means are employed and what kind of situation unfolds, it should be remembered that the result is determined by the request of the person when he first comes to being!

This request that is made prior to his birth is Ayan al Sabita (fixed, unchangeable reality).

Allah Almighty’s knowledge becomes manifest in what is known. In other words, Allah Almighty creates the being in accordance with what he had requested at the level of his ayan al sabita.

In this sense, whatever happens to the servant comes from his own truth. Whatever comes his way comes to him in accordance with what is required by his truth.

Those who know what common decency requires in divine presence also know what is to be done: the one who condemns should condemn himself, the one who praises should praise Allah Almighty and give glory to Allah under any circumstances!

Allah (ﷻ) knows best. 

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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