“There is a hidden path from heart to heart, it is not known.”

If you have the eyes to see, you can observe that every being in the realm is in interaction and conversation with every other being. Depending on the state of the person, the nature of this interaction could be positive or negative.

  The effects of this interaction are more apparently manifest with people with whom we have spiritual, mental, ego-based and heart based connections with.

  This state of affairs has even been referred to in a folk song with these words: “There is a hidden path from heart to heart, it is not known.”

  The power of thought is much more effective than words.

  This is a necessary consequence of “the laws of sunnetullah (immutable constants of Allah’s system)” introduced to this realm by Allah Teâlâ, it is also a subject that inspires deep contemplation which helps us understand the truth of tawhîd (the oneness of Allah ()).

 Some people know this, while others have no idea.

   Allah () knows best.

   Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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