The only real and absolute embodied being is Allah (ﷻ)

The implied meaning of “All things are from Allah (ﷻ)” is the following:

The only real and absolute embodied being is Allah (ﷻ). All other things that exist are divine forms created in Allah’s (ﷻ)’s divinity, they are not embodied in reality.  Ahlullah (Folk of Allah (ﷻ), those who belong to Allah (ﷻ)) who wanted to express this truth have said “all cosmos is but a dream”. Allah (ﷻ) is manifest in the cosmos with his attributes. Everything he created in the cosmos is causally linked. Allah’s (ﷻ) will is revealed in the chamber of causes and through the “things” he created in the cosmos (realm of creation?).

The term “All things are from Allah (ﷻ)” is used to refer to all these “things” that are veils; and this is what decency requires of one to say. To say that all that emanates as good or evil is “from Allah (ﷻ)” is to leave the chamber of decency.

Evil does not reach Allah (ﷻ). Allah (ﷻ) is beautiful, loves beauty.

There is nothing wrong in saying that occurrences deemed ‘beautiful’ by the Sharia are “from Allah (ﷻ)”. However, to use the expression “All things are from Allah (ﷻ)” for things that are deemed bad, ugly and flawed by the Sharia is against decency, and to express this truth within the confines of decency would be the most mature (kamil) and appropriate thing to say.

“All things are from Allah (ﷻ)” refers to “everything” in the cosmos (all things including good-bad, beautiful-ugly, angel-satan).

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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