The heart is the region!

The heart is the region which is named by names including visitation (varid), thoughts (havâtır), ilkâ , inspiration (ilham) that come to it. It can receive news, states, information, conditions – the source of which may be divine, angelic, sensual and satanic – as they are, but it can also change and transform them.

               In this sense, the individual should carefully observe what things his heart receives in their original form, what things it changes and alters and what kind of change and alteration (positive or negative) happens to these things.

               The person who can keep the heart under control with this awareness, who is eligible to keeping the heart under control with this awareness with the permission and favor of Allah Almighty (Allah Teâlâ), has received a great blessing from Allah Almighty (Allah Teâlâ).

Allah () knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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