Perception, understanding and comprehension!

“Those who belong to Allah (Ahlullah) reached salvation because they attained Ainul Yaqin (the eye of certainty) and did not pay more attention than necessary to Ilmul Yaqin (the knowledge of certainty).”

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (Pbuh), Pamplets 2, p.149

Perception, understanding and comprehension take place on three different levels including Ilmul Yaqin (the knowledge of certainty), Ainul Yaqin (the eye of certainty) and Haqqul Yaqin (the truth of certainty).

It is necessary to have the knowledge and understanding of a certain subject (Ilmul Yaqin) in order to comprehend it on the next level, Ainul Yaqin (the eye of certainty).

However, knowing and comprehending a certain subject is not enough to perceive the truth of the matter. If one remains stuck on the level of Ilmul Yaqin, a number of unwanted consequences such as deviation, failure to see the haqiqa (truth) and hikmah (wisdom) of the matter thoroughly and making wrong judgments can occur.

Reaching the level of Ainul Yaqin (the eye of certainty) protects the person from these dangers. Attaining Ainul Yaqin indicates that haqiqa (truth) is seen and is supported by divine kashf (the ability to know the unknowable by inner observation and understanding-self discovery); the person is assured of the truth of faith. This is how Ahlullah (those who belong to Allah) have achieved salvation.

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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