“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.” (Surah Ash-Shu’ara, 26/80)  
   As seen in this verse, Prophet Abraham (A.S.) attributes being ill to himself because being ill entails deficiency. Here, Prophet Abraham (A.S.) shows decency in the presence of Allah Almighty (Allah Teâlâ) and attributes becoming ill to himself by saying “when I am ill”. However, it is Allah who creates the illness and wills it to reach his subject. All of these are from “Allah.”And by saying “it is He who cures me”, he implies that the cure is from “Allah.” 
   Allah Almighty (Allah Teâlâ) teaches us how to speak and how to utilize words whilst speaking in the presence of Allah through the tongue of Prophet Abraham (A.S.)!
    The Koran is full of such intricacies and secrets! 
For those who can see!
For those who can understand!
For those who can comprehend!
Only if we could get ready for this!

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.
Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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