Manifestations occur (appear) in the area the person is interested in.

Knowledge expands and refines a person’s comprehension (understanding).

     In fact, the knowledge we have is nothing more than remembering.

     The learning bestowed upon Prophet Adam (A.S.) is genetically transferred to all humans. In this sense, knowledge exists as a potential in all human beings. Yet this latent potential can only become manifest in humans for whom the necessary conditions come into being. At this point, the person says “I found it”. In fact, the thing he “finds” is nothing but remembering. That is to say, when the necessary conditions come into being, the person simply finds (remembers) that which already existed in his core (essence) although he was not aware of it.

      The aim of tasawwuf and progress on the spiritual path (seyr-i süluk) is the art of the unveiling of this latent potential. Although the person may remember what he already had inside himself, he needs a cause (guide, teacher murshid) to remind him of this.

       Manifestations occur (appear) in the area the person is interested in.

       Mârifet (true knowledge, gnosis) is to stay awake and see these manifestations, to consider (evaluate) them thoroughly (in their own right) and place them in their correct station as well as to pass judgment as required and live in compliance with it.               

Allah () knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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