A person sees another person, loves him, but he does not know who the person is, where he is from or where he lives.  He is prompted to find out where the beloved is from and where he lives because of the love he feels for this person. He pursues him and investigates.

This is how we love Allah. We love Allah in his manifestations.

We love Allah in names such as Leila, Lübna or others without knowing that Haqq and our beloved is the same. We know the name not knowing that Haqq is the same. Under these circumstances, we love the name without recognising Haqq. The haqiqat (truth) of the one who is created is loved. Sometimes the name of the beloved is not known but love necessitates that we find out. In other words, love requires us to know the beloved. Some people amongst us recognise and know Him in worldly life while some others never recognise Him although they love someone until the day they die.

When the veil is lifted, the person realises that it was no other than Allah that he loved. He sees that the name of the one who is created veiled him from seeing this truth.

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, Meccan Revelations, v.17, p.16.

All things that exist in the realm are images in Allah Almighty’s imagination. Since Allah Almighty is the absolute embodied being, the realm is only a dream.

All of these realms and everything that takes place in these realms are like images reflected on mirrors.

The image that appears on the mirror belongs to its owner but it is not Him!

Each mirror reflects that image according to its constitution and capability.

The most perfect mirror that exists in the realm is that of Resullulah’s (ﷺ).

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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