It is unfortunately not enough to say..

It is unfortunately not enough to say: “I have read books, I have learned and I know things”.

Gaining theoretical knowledge and applying what you have learned to real life situations are two different things. That is to say, knowing that thing and experiencing what you know are two different things.

Truth is one but judgements vary! This tenet is a rule that must not be forgotten.

While experiencing an event, the person who pays regard to stations acts according to the judgment depending on the ways in which that event unfolds, the time, the situation and the conditions.

In other words, even when events are similar, judgement would be different when conditions, circumstances, persons etc. are different.

I repeat: grasping and observing a situation, tending towards the right course of action is possible by means of knowing about stations.

I have a word of advice to young people relating to this subject, specifically regarding the issue of the difference between someone who has knowledge and someone who has a taste of knowledge through experience: do not turn a deaf ear to and consider as unimportant and redundant the advice and counsel of your elders who have gained knowledge through experience.

The intelligent person is someone who avoids killing and wasting time so he refrains from experiencing something that has already been settled by experience. The intelligent person benefits from the experiences, counsel and guidance of respected persons  in order to speed up his progress, use his time more efficiently, get more accurate knowledge and live more righteously.

Allah (ﷻ) knows best. 

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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