Himmat (Spiritual Will/Concentration of the heart)

It is the strongest thing given to and implanted in a human being by Allah-u Teâlâ (Allah Almighty)!

            Himmat; when a person focalizes his five senses and suprasensory senses on a particular locus with an attentive and awakened heart, he reaches divine perfection (kemal) and consequently gains the power to influence, control and affect other beings and things.

           Some people may use these powers unaware, without knowing that they have such powers or without knowing how the effect of these  powers becomes manifest; they still create effect on the locus they have directed their himmat towards. Such people use their powers unconsciously and without control. 

           Some other people, who are informed about this subject, focalise this power (himmat) consciously and by exercising control on the locus they aim to affect.

            The power of the effect will manifest according to the capacity of the person endowed with himmat to gather/implement his power; the present state of the target aimed at (whether he is awake or attentive, whether he has already taken precautions to protect himself by means of chanting verses, dhikr, litanies or whether he has not done any of these) as well as the nature of the effect (whether it is positive or negative).

             Himmat is graded according to will, tenacity, perseverance and the state of the heart (whether it is awake and focused).

             The power of himmat may be used in the service of ego (nefs) desires and aspirations or satanic ideas and goals, yet it can also be used in order to reach what is right (Hak) and true (hakikat).

             More women than men use the power of himmat without knowing the true nature of this power or how they use it. Many people use this power to affect the locus they target unconsciously and in the service of ego-driven desires. Women have more advantages than men because women are sites where Allah’s(ﷻ) creator attribute is manifest and because they are created from the Realm of Physical Bodies (The Realm of Mulk) (Hawwa is created from Prophet Adam (A.S.)); women’s effect is more competently manifest in the realm they were created in. Man, on the other hand, is created from the Celestial Realm (The Realm of Malakut) so his effect is more competently manifest in the Celestial Realm (The Realm of Malakut).

          A person should never forget that he will be held accountable for how and where he used this power as well as for the effects he produced in the loci he targeted.

         He should avoid using this power in the service of ego-driven or satanic desires. Endowed with religious learning, he should have the will and perseverance to use this power to reach what is right and true. He should pay heed to Allah’s (ﷻ) order and consent in everything he does.

         He should also protect himself from those who use their himmat with bad intentions (he should recite protection vird (litany) regularly everyday).

          The person who is capable of using his himmat in the right way can reach many of his goals and aspirations.

          Allah () knows best.

          Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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