Every person has a path, every path has a traveller!

Every person has a path, every path has a traveller.

There are different understandings, different degrees, different dispositions, different temperaments. Hearts find satisfaction in what they have an affinity with.

Not everyone can correctly perceive and live through the truths that Hazrat Ibn Arabi expresses. Especially those people who do not really know and follow the Sharia may extrapolate the opposite of what Hazrat Ibn Arabi actually meant or they extrapolate the wrong meaning. There are many such groups who claim that they lead a sufistic life despite the fact that they are driven by their own whims and desires.

We share these posts and add annotations where necessary in order to give an accurate commentary on the subject as far as our knowledge allows it, hoping that they will be a a torch and provide a direction to people in search of these truths. This is our disposition.

Those who carefully follow our posts and thoroughly examine them can see that the statements of Hazrat Ibn Arabi do not oppose the Sharia; in fact they specifically foreground the importance of the Sharia and emphasize the fact that one can approach Allah Almighty only by means of being a good servant to Him. One can clearly see that we express this truth in all of our articles.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to expect each and every reader to perceive these truths correctly. We have no such expectation. Each person will receive the benefit according to his capability and his share. The fact that some of our followers may extrapolate the wrong meaning from our posts does not mean that we should refrain from sharing them. As a matter of fact, Hazrat Ibn Arabi did not shy away from expressing these truths despite the possibility that he might be misunderstood. He stated that only those who were close to him would understand him.

Allah (ﷻ) knows best. 

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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