Do not forget that you came to this world to become the best servant you can be!

Anger, ambition, resentment, lack of acceptance are traits of nafs (the ego construct) that are unwelcome and condemned by the sharia.

These traits may become manifest due to the moral immaturity of the person or the fact that he is triggered by the behaviors, words and actions of the other party.

There are also astrological factors that might induce emotional intensity in the person and thus have a negative impact on him. However, astrological factors cannot influence the person for more than three days since there is a different constellation and influence after three days.

Drawing on this point, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) declares that a muslim should stop being cross with someone and get rid of resentment (if that was the case) after three days.

If a muslim is still cross with someone after three days, this shows that there is a sickness in his heart, he is enslaved by his nafs, and is in the service of the Devil.

The true believer has common sense, he receives the advice that is in accordance with Allah’s (ﷻ) approval. He corrects his faults and flaws. He does not yield to pride and arrogance that are rooted in nafs.

He treats both his own nafs and the other party with fairness.

His aim is to endorse Allah’s (ﷻ) morality.

Allah declares that he will forgive the sins of his repentant servants, whatever their sins may be

(Az Zumar 39/53).

Then, do not forget that you are Allah’s (ﷻ) servant!

Do not forget that you came to this world to become the best servant you can be!

Try to become a servant Allah(ﷻ) will be satisfied with!

Know and embrace the fact that this can only happen if you follow the orders of the Koran and the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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