Allah suffices us, the desires of the nafs are transient.

Allah suffices us, the desires of the nafs are transient.

The expansiveness of the heart can only be attained by means of adopting the morality of Allah.

Such a person is patient and forgiving. He covers up the faults and mistakes of his brothers and aims to give rather than take; he is purged of records and conditioning. Being on the right path, he does not care whether he is praised or reviled. He knows about traps of the nafs and shaytan and he does not fall into those traps.

He knows that the ferment of the realm is “love”. He understands that sincerety is the key that opens all doors. He perceives that knowledge, which gives him the right vision regarding his path and whatever is on his path, is the light that illuminates darkness. He comprehends that pure intention is an elixir that always brings about the best possible outcome in every situation. He sees that effort is the push button that will make the wheels turn so that all of these can be achieved. He apprehends that there will be no movement without effort.

He lives and dies for the sake of Allah. He loves for the sake of Allah and abides by the law of Sharia .

There in only Allah in the heart of the person whose heart has expanded.

Allah (ﷻ) knows best.

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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