A Good Listener..



Reading should be perceived as being acquainted with, knowing and comprehending something.

Looking and seeing are two different things.

With listening, I mean the comprehension that makes reading possible come to being.

In this context, the person/murid who sincerely wants to learn about truth should be a good listener.

He should really know where and how to remain silent and listen, and put this into practice.

It is vital to first remain silent and listen carefully in order to attain a certain level of ilm (knowledge in the Islamic context) and to make progress on the spiritual path.

The perfect listener is one who remains silent and concentrates his attention/heart only on trying to understand what is being said and shown. Thanks to this attitude, he does not miss many details and prepares himself to accurately comprehend the matter in question.

In this manner, since the murid/pilgrim/listener will have correctly read/ listened to what is being explained or shown, he will have gained a lot of benefit and goodness in terms of his progress.

Once he possesses  the level of knowledge that can be considered as the foundation/pillar, the murid may and should ask questions about details by drawing on the knowledge he has attained.

It is necessary for the murid who has reached this station to ask questions within the prescribed measures. After asking his question, he should avoid concentrating on the question and should concentrate on trying to understand the answer and listen to what is being said. If he does not do that, he will think that he has not received an answer and thus remain trapped in a vicious circle by blocking himself in his blockage and miss the opportunity to listen and to understand.

This is an issue many listeners/murids have overlooked and for this reason they missed out on the chance to attain many kinds of knowledge and goodness.

Allah (ﷻ) knows best. 

Ahmet Şahin Uçar

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