First step to know who you are!

’Who knows himself knows his Lord(his Rab)’’ commanded our master Messenger of Allah(S.A.V.)

If you want to know your Lord, you must know yourself first.

Knowing yourself is knowing your Self.

Knowing your Self;

is to know the characteristics of the self.

To know your morality (temperament, character).

To know the temperament (composition of the features of creation).

It is to know the inclination (what is your predispositions) and weakness (what is your prone).

It is to know your intelligence and ability.

To know the genetic inheritance that comes from your parents.

What is imposed on you from an early ages by the status of education, culture and conditioning of the society in where you live.

In order to know all this, it is necessary to proceed with sincerity, perseverance, patience, persistence, gratitude, true knowledge, and only with the consent of Allah(c.c).

Only after you know your self, you could know your Lord (your own Rab). This place is the beginning of the road not the end.
The real work starts after that.

The aim is to know Allah(c.c.) the Lord of the Realms(Rab of the Worlds)!

Allah knows the truth.

Ahmet Sahin Ucar

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